If you and your staff are currently on lock-down and have had to suspend business, it is the perfect opportunity to make the most of it! Why not upskill yourself and complete projects you don’t usually have time too?

We can help you gain control, broaden your horizons and tap into a highly lucrative market with immense spending power, to really boost your recovery when it comes. It will help switch your mind off from other worries and give you a real sense of purpose.

It is time to sign up for our FREE ONLINE AWARENESS TRAINING. There is no catch – it is completely free. All we ask is for you to feedback to us in the future, about how it helps your business going forward


Please find our Disability Awareness Training in a handy interactive guide. You can use this after having our face-to-face Disability Awareness Training or completing the free Online Training course below or simply as a starting guide to assist the knowledge of you and your team.

Like the online training, it is broken up into 6 bite-size chucks and has an interactive index that lets you jump straight to the module you are up too / need. There is also a detailed index at the back – simply type the page number you require and it will take you too it. You can view the pages at different sizes to suit you and you can also download it and save it to your desktop; or select the pages relevant to you to print.

view our

“I found the Disability Awareness training to be really insightful, particularly the module which tackled the language we use surrounding disability. 

I also found that the discussion around different forms of discrimination was really eye-opening and that the training illustrated these differences clearly through the examples provided.

The knowledge I have gained from these two modules in particular is knowledge I am eager to share with my colleagues, so that as a management team we can promote an attitude which thinks about disability in its widest sense.”


Gap Affinity Lancashire Management Team member

“I feel a lot more confident about how my behaviours and actions can impact a person with a disability and doing the right thing.

 I found navigating through the course very simple by using the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons.”