There’s been confusion over face coverings and concern from people with a variety of disabilities who will struggle with them and wearing them.

Many vulnerable people including the elderly, those with learning difficulties, those with hidden and non-hidden disabilities, children and people who can’t read or fully understand English will find it hard to understand the Coronavirus Lock-down regulations. 

They may not be clear about what Coronavirus is, what the symptoms are and they may not know what to do if they get ill with it. 

We hate the thought of people feeling confused, alone or afraid so have created three Easy Read Flyers; which can be downloaded below. We are more than happy for these to be printed, distributed or emailed to anyone who needs them.

We have Produced 2 Easy Read PDF Downloads

You can download the Easy Read Information Here:

Will Retail Workers Wear Masks?

People working in shops won’t have to wear masks or face coverings.

But the death rate of sales and retail assistants is 75% higher amongst men and 60% higher amongst women than in the general population. We can all do our bit by wearing a mask to keep retail staff and other customers safe.

It will also help if customers use hand wash stations.

Will Shoppers Need to Wear Masks?

All shoppers under 11 years of age or medically exempt will have to wear facemasks from Friday July 24th.

Anyone shopping without a mask, unless they are medically exempt, will face a £100 fine.

People won’t be required to wear a face covering in places where it’s not practical – such as in pubs, cafes or restaurants.

What if Face Coverings are a Barrier?

For some people, wearing a face mask is a barrier. This is a problem especially for deaf and hard of hearing people who lip read.

To help these customers, a member of staff can step back to 2 metres, lower their mask, to talk to the customer. They can also write what they would like to say clearly on a notepad.

Watch here as Miranda Casey, who is deaf, gives her advice to other people who want to communicate with her.