How Can We Help Vulnerable Stay at Home and Be Safe?

Many vulnerable people including the elderly, those with learning difficulties, those with hidden and non-hidden disabilities, children and people who can’t read or fully understand English will find it hard to understand the Coronavirus Lock-down regulations. 

They may not be clear about what Coronavirus is, what the symptoms are and they may not know what to do if they get ill with it. 

We hate the thought of people feeling confused, alone or afraid so have created three Easy Read Flyers; which can be downloaded below. We are more than happy for these to be printed, distributed or emailed to anyone who needs them.

What is Easy Read?

Easy Read is a way of making written information easier to understand for people with learning disabilities. Lots of other people find it useful too, particularly people who find it hard to read written English.

We want to ensure that everyone has access to factually correct and easy to follow information.

We hope it will make it much easier for the person themselves and their friends, family and carers to work together to understand.

Ensure Everyone is Informed

We have created this Easy Read information.

It is based upon the Government’s rules on staying at home and away from others.

It will help slow down and stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Please print or email these downloads with everyone you know who is in contact with people with learning disabilities or anyone who Easy Read information may be useful to.