Let’s keep disability part of the conversation

Join us as our project comes to a close and find out just what we achieved and what’s happening next

After almost two years, our pilot project to make a coastal destination even more inclusive is coming to a close.

We set out on our pioneering venture with the aim to change perceptions and help understanding of disability, while helping businesses across the Fylde Coast see the importance of being as inclusive as possible to build their business and provide a positive experience for all.

And, from helping more than 500 businesses become more inclusive to enhancing 13 major events with British Sign Language and accessible toilets, we have kept pushing to creative positive places for everyone whether they’re day tripping to local attractions with friends to  having a weekend stay away with the family.

But just because we have come to the end of our project, funded by the Coastal Community Fund, doesn’t mean it is all stopping there.

We didn’t just want to be a flash in the pan project, so we’re leaving behind some legacy features to keep the conversation of disability open across the district’s tourism market and keep making small changes that make big differences to disabled people for years to come.

You can find out all about what we’re planning to do at a special event, where you will also get to see the hilarious Aaron Simmonds and Georgie Morrell perform a special comedy set on Facebook Live on Thursday, December 17, at 7pm.

View the event HERE

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