Corona Virus 3-Tier easy Read

From elderly people to those with learning disabilities, many people will find it hard for one reason or another to understand the latest COVID-19 tier system and the regulations within each level.

Throughout the Corona Virus pandemic, we have created a series of Easy Reads ( a written guide using simple language and clear English) based on the Government guidelines, to help everyone to understand what COVID-19 is and help keep people up-to-date on Government advice and regulations, because we hate the thought of people feeling confused or afraid.

Our latest Easy Read, which we are more than happy for you to use and distribute to anyone who they may help, explains the new medium, high and very high alert levels now being used in England.

Our Easy Reads have been popular – We even had copies printed at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for patient-use.

We’re so glad that they have helped people to be able to access and understand a vast amount of information about COVID-19 and restrictions via easy-to-follow format.

You can download our latest Easy Read on the COVID-19 tier system here

We have also produced 5 other easy reads:

What is Coronavirus

Stay Home – Corona Virus Rules

If you have Corona Virus

Do I need to wear a mask?

Updated Corona Virus advice

We hope you find these useful and stay safe and keep well.

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