Ensuring everyone can access your business after covid-19 – learn more with a 45-minute workshop

Can customers easily access your business? Perhaps
some can’t and so they don’t even bother to come . It does happen.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, supporting and attracting new customers
will be vital to future prosperity. With an increase focus on the domestic
market, there has never been a better time to ensure business venues are
accessible and inclusive to all potential customers.

75% of people with a disability – and not just people
in wheelchairs, visually impaired people, deaf people and hidden disabilities such
as autism – have walked away from a business because it could not cater for
their needs.

We want to help you for free to open up to new markets and one in
particular, in which £249 billion is spent by the UK’s  20 million disabled people and their carers.

Our free, 45-minute online webinar will cover:  

  • Accessibility of
  • Barriers people
    with disabilities face when accessing businesses in person
  • Practical Tips –
    and often free, such as decluttering aisles to customer service to signs and
    counter height – how to welcome and support more disabled people
  • How to implement
    social distancing measures without disadvantaging disabled customers – from queuing
    systems to control barriers and signage and facemasks

Book on our accessible business events.

They all start at 2pm:

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