Feel Connected and Learn something new to help your business bounce back

The training sector has seen a big increase as furloughed employees take the time to upskill themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, and never  has there been a better time to help us feel motivated and improve our wellbeing; by connecting and learning something new.

As well as the many courses out there to help businesses and their employees to build business skills during this challenging business climate, we are offering our FREE disability awareness training online, instead of face-to-face.

We know that many businesses are facing many challenges right now and our training is designed to try to help businesses bounce back and gain customers when back up and running.

This week is online learning at work week. The Learning at Work Week is an annual event to build learning cultures at work and aims to put a spotlight on the benefits of continual learning and development.

By taking part in our Free Disability Awareness Training, on return to work, your employees will have more of an awareness of how to offer a warm welcome to disabled people with both visual and hidden disabilities to your business and enable them to confidently help people with disabilities while accessing your business.

Our FREE online training gives you all you need to know and practical, inexpensive and often free and easy ways to help your business be more inclusive and open to a wider customer base when you are back up and running.

It only takes 15 minutes per module – and you can do it is short stints too, so it really won’t take up much of your valuable time but may help make a huge difference to your business by helping you to tap into a highly lucrative market with immense spending power, to really boost your recovery when it comes.

Help Uncover Opportunities

  • It will help give you and your team confidence with disabilities you can see and those you can’t
  • It will help inspire ideas to plan and refresh to be as inclusive as possible.
  • It is completely online
  • You or your staff can complete it if you are furloughed too
  • It is free to everyone. No matter where you are based in the UK
  • It is relevant no matter what business sector you work in or service you provide
  • It is quick, easy & engaging
  • Only 15 minutes per module
  • You can complete it at your own pace
  • It will open people’s eyes to possibilities and opportunities to enhance business growth
  • It will help connect your team and feel more positive about the future.
  • It will help make everywhere accessible and welcoming to all with small inexpensive changes

Click here to get started on your FREE disability awareness training today.

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