be kind. Be connected – Mental Health awareness week

Disability isn’t just physical and sensory. If a mental health condition has a long-term effect on your normal day-to-day activity, then it is also considered a disability.

16 million people in the UK experience a mental illness.

This week (May 18-24) is mental health awareness week and this year, the focus in on kindness and this also includes social connectedness.

During COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen just how much of a life-line local businesses have been to their community – those who have gone the extra mile to help whether providing volunteer services or have been home delivering.

It is a tough time for many businesses across the Fylde Coast, but the spirit to help where they can, has been tremendous.

And, it is true, that local businesses are an important part of community spirit – and as a tourism destination, this will make visitors feel good about a place and feel welcomed too.

Social connectedness is the measure of how people come together and interact.

According to Power To Change organisation, community businesses bring people together and enable and support them to make connections with each other. It says that people who engage with community businesses are more socially connected with others, this in turn lessened their social isolation and feeling of loneliness.

Our motto at Access Fylde Coast is: Creating A Positive Place For All

We know that there are so many positive things going on in our community right now – and while our beautiful Fylde Coast is closed to tourism now – when it reopens, we want potential visitors to see just how amazing our community is and a place they will want to experience and visit.

So, we would love to hear from the community across the Fylde Coast, including businesses, on what they are doing to help make a better and kinder society.

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