National organisation launches e-tutorials to help businesses to cater better online for disabled customers

Purple, the national organisation which campaigns for better customer service for disabled people, has launched a series of online tutorials to help businesses during these “unprecedented times” during the Corona Virus pandemic to help disabled people to access their products and services.

The organisation, which is behind Purple Tuesday, the internationally recognised call to action for promoting and enabling good customer service for people with health conditions and disabilities, has created the video series to “repurpose” Purple Tuesday.

Mike Adams, CEO of Purple, says: “We have provided these videos for free as we understand the importance of ensuring disabled people are able to purchase and access the goods and services they need to help continue with day-to-day life while this pandemic continues.”

Modules include:

  • Why a good experience for disabled customers should matter to your business
  • Top tips to make websites more disability friendly

It comes as the latest  Click-Away Pound  report – a research survey designed to explore the online shopping experience of people with disabilities and examine the cost to business of ignoring disabled shoppers – found that  the number of people clicking away from a website due to poor access and poor customer service equates to £17 billion per year – a figure which is estimated to have risen by £5 billion in just 3 years.

“The move to online digital devices for how we live our days will increase and get bigger and that applies to disabled people and so it has never been more important to ensure that access to an organisation through digital means needs to be accessible.”

Mike Adams, CEO of Purple.

With 75% of disabled people saying that they have walked away from a business due to poor customer service or not being able t cater for their disability, Mike adds: “The solution is pretty straight forward. No business can afford for ¾ of a market to walk away and not make a purchase.”

The Purple tutorials can be watched here

Access Fylde Coast provides FREE disability awareness training  and during the current crisis facing the UK, we are offering this training online.

You can complete the modules in your own time – each one only taking around 15 minutes each.

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