Disability Awareness Training
Understanding the needs and barriers faced by people with disabilities - physical, sensory and hidden disabilities, such as autism - your business will be a more welcoming place.

Our FREE disability awareness training flipbook will enable you and your employe to feel more comfortable conversing with people with disabilities.
Disabled customers will receive a warm welcome, get a great impression and will want to return.
It's not about spending thousands attitude is free and attitude is everything.
We have produced a comprehensive archive of videos, from the fabulous, all-inclusive events we held to how to make your business more accessible, and peoples' personal experience of day tripping and short stays on the Fylde Coast.

creating a positive place for all

Access Fylde Coast was a pioneering project excelling disabled access across the Fylde Coast and driving Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre into the spotlight as outstanding locations for people with disabilities.

Spearheaded by Disability First and funded by the Coastal Communities Fund to make positive changes across the Fylde Coast.

What We Did: 

  • Carried out more than 500 access guides to businesses across the Fylde Coast to help them remove barriers and enhance access for disabled people
  • A series of events, such as hosting the world-renowned Paraorchestra and Evelyn Glennie, and other high-profile disability performers
  • Free disability awareness training
  • Enhancing popular events across the Fylde Coast, including Lytham Festival,  with mobiloos, British Sign Language and more
  • Trained the largest number of disability champions in one area to ensure businesses continue to make positive changes
  • Created Easy Reads to help people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Helped businesses to understand the impact of social distance measures on disabled people



• Boosting Tourism


• Bolstering the Local Economy


• Breaking Down Barriers


• Creating a Positive Place For All


Our access champions helped business across the Fylde Coast with free tips and advice, so that now each and every visitor to those businesses can feel a warm welcome whether they have a physical, sensory,  or learning disability.

Those low-cost changes will also help businesses  to expand their customer base and their bottom line.

Helping Disabled People Make The Most Of The Fylde Coast

 Our biggest aspiration was to make it easier for visitors and locals with any disability to have access to enjoyable trips and make memorable experiences across Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.

We created an Interactive toilet map , enhanced Blackpool Transport’s  digital visitor app with Easy Read and British Sign Language, as well as educating more than 300 business owners on disability awareness and more than 500 business to make steps to become more accessible.  

Disability First:

Meet the people who funded our project and find out more about all the amazing work they do.



In our bid to keep breaking down business owners’ perceptions of disability, we have made a comprehensive, but bite-size,   flipbook, which is free to access.

It will provide you and your employees an awareness of physical, sensory and learning disabilities.

You’ll be surprised how much you will learn and it will enable your organisation or business to better cater for disabled people.

Find Accessible Attractions

You can find out about the accessibility of more than 50 cultural and heritage attractions across the Fylde Coast.

We’ve enhanced the popular Blackpool Transport App to provide information in Easy Read and on-screen British Sign Language  to make visiting the Fylde Coast extremely accessible.

help and advice for businesses

We have created a wealth of resources from videos to help guide PDFs, to enable businesses to keep growing by enhancing their offer for disabled customers.

Whether you are hosting an event or want a poster for your staff room wall, the free resources will enable you and your staff to offer better customer service to disabled people and consdier the barriers they may face.