Disability Awareness Training
We offer disability awareness training because we believe that by understanding the needs and barriers faced by people with disabilities - physical, sensory and hidden disabilities, such as autism - your business will be a more welcoming place.

Your employees will feel more comfortable conversing with people with disabilities
Disabled customers will receive a warm welcome, get a great impression and will want to return
It's not about spending thousands attitude is free and attitude is everything.
Access Guides
Our access champions will come to your premises – and not to be critical. They will give you some useful hints and tips to make your business more accessible. It's not a judgement to encourage you to spend thousands. We had one business where they didn't realise that stock left where they had put it was a hindrance not just to wheelchairs, but to parents with prams and buggies.

Disabled customers
You get included on Access Able's website
You get a sticker to show that you've made steps to become more accessible.
Disabled customers will get a good impression and will want to return.
We have an ever-increasing archive of videos for you to watch or listen to, to get an understanding of the fabulous events we have planned, held and been a part of over 2019; all working to boost tourism, bolster the local economy and breakdown barriers.

Our aim is to ensure that the Fylde Coast is a positive for all and that everyone no matter what a person's visible or non-visible disability or accessibility issue may be; it does not prevent them from attending fun events or visiting our fantastic Fylde Coast!


Access Fylde Coast is a pioneering project exceling disabled access across the Fylde Coast and driving Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre into the spotlight as outstanding locations for people with disabilities.

Spearheaded by Disability First and funded by the Coastal Communities Fund to make positive changes across the Fylde Coast.

We’re doing it through

  • Free business access guides
  • Events featuring high-profile disability performers
  • Free disability awareness training
  • Enhancing existing events with mobiloos, British Sign Language and more

• Boosting Tourism

• Bolstering the Local Economy

• Breaking Down Barriers

• Creating a Positive Place For All

Helping Businesses Tap Into £14.8 million:

Our friendly access champions will offer you free tips, advice and even training to make your business accessible and welcoming to people with physical, sensory, mental health and learning disabilities.

We’re not about being critical. We’re about being helpful. And, you may be surprised at the difference that even a few small, low-cost changes will make to expand your customer base and your bottom line.

Helping Disabled People Make The Most Of The Fylde Coast

We want to make it easier for visitors and locals will all disabilities to access enjoyable trips and make memorable experiences across Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.
So, we offer disabled people ‘buddys’, who can accompany you to our events and our digital app will make it easier to find accessible places – making you feel very welcome, while supporting your independence.

Disability First:

Meet the people who funded our project and find out more about all the amazing work they do.


Hosting All-Inclusive Events

We’re enhancing disability access to existing, popular events across the Fylde Coast with– from quiet spaces for people with autism to  British Sign Language interpreters for deaf people.

And, in our bid to break down barriers of disability, we’re also hosting world-renowned  disabled performers from comedy, art and music at brand new events.

Find Accessible Attractions

You can find out about the accessibility of more than 50 cultural and heritage attractions across the Fylde Coast.

We’ve enhanced the popular Blackpool Transport App to provide information in Easy Read and on-screen British Sign Language  to make visiting the Fylde Coast extremely accessible.

Support During Your Stay

A new buddy service is on hand to assist you if you’re a visitor with a disability.

Whether you’re planning to come to one of the events we’re hosting or enhancing,  a trip to the theatre or the cinema or just require accessibility advice during your stay in our  beautiful Fylde Coast, a buddy or access guide will team up with you, providing confidence and support during your stay.